If women from the early centuries were to be teleported into our present world, the radical changes seen in the role of the women at home and at work will surely bring about either a frown or a smile!

Whether it is to fight for an equal air time or seat in the boardroom, every women can learn to assert themselves better as they shrug their traditional identity.  But first, is being assertive synonymous with being manly, loud, aggressive and being rude if we have to?

Turns out, the opposite has a higher chance of success.  This means, women who is confident in calling a spade a spade, has an opinion and unafraid to say no, works better for them.

Come learn and practise the many techniques that are needed for the modern women to be tomorrow’s leaders in a man-crowded ceiling.

Facilitator Saphhire Yong

Type  Onsite Course

Duration  1 days

Date   27Nov 

Time 9AM - 5PM

Place Suntec Convention, Meetings and Offices

​Price S$ 450 (includes 2 tea-breaks & lunch)


Workshop Objectives

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to
  • Understand the meaning of assertiveness
  • Discover your own brand and preferred work style under normal or stressful conditions
  • Identify inspiring success female business leader(s) as mental models
  • Deploy relevant tactics to negotiate
  • Grow your confidence in conducting honest conversations needed in conflict situations.
Target Audience

This workshop will benefit
  • Women who are constantly talked down, ‘man-terrupted’ or ignored.
  • Women who are afraid of saying ‘no’.
  • Women who are highly competent if not more than their male counterparts but end up being passed over for promotions.
  • Women who want to be comfortable with their feminity while not appearing weak
  • Line Mangers who manages, collaborates with or report to female talent.
  • HR who has a need to grow the female leadership representation in key roles

Workshop Outline

Part 1 –Know Yourself
  • Perception/Gender Biases
  • Your Perceived Brand vs Desired Brand
  • Your Brand in action
  • Your Brand Promise
Part 2 – WOMAN in Business
  • Evolving role of woman
  • Value of gender balance
  • Feminine vs Masculine Leadership Traits
  • Situational Feminism
  • Role Models     
Part 3 – Strategic ASSERTIVENESS
  • Feminism-Masculinity Scale
  • Damsel-in-distress
  • Sun-Tzu Art of War
  • Jumpstart through failures
  • Circle of Trust
Part 4 – Practise ASSERTIVENESS
  • Speak with Confidence
  • Negotiate with power
  • Manage your conflict



About the Facilitator​​

  • Sapphire, an experienced communication, and marketing operations & analytics leader, has over 15 years of diverse experience with regional and global organisations in the government, aviation, automobile, IT and publishing industries, with organisations such as Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, US Federal Aviation Administration, General Motors, SITA, IDC and John Wiley & Sons, in both individual contributor and people management capacities.

  • Key domains where Sapphire has made notable contributions include:

  • Communications Planning
    • Created and implemented a proactive media and marketing communications plan to increase IDC’s brand awareness and generate sales leads.  Evaluated, appointed, and managed SITA’s PR agency to meet business and communications goals. 

  • Marketing Operations
    • Successfully set up Wiley’s in-house marketing agency in Singapore to deliver and track digital, print and event campaigns globally to support marketing outreach programmes.
  • Marketing Automation System
    • Played a key role as Project Director in a 1-year migration project from IBM’s Marketing Central to Teradata’s Aprimo for Campaign Management in Wiley.
  • Talent Management
    • Responsible for the recruitment and management of team talents, coaching for increased efficiency and succession planning.  Evaluated, appointed, and managed Wiley’s outsourced BPO vendor to deliver on SLAs.