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From understanding office politics to overcoming interpersonal conflicts and in building a personal brand through executive presence, why walk this career journey alone when Executive Coaching provides a trusted platform to illuminate your concerns and more importantly, explore your potential to your fullest and realise earlier success on both work and social fronts.
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Meet The Team
  1. Eileen Seah
    EXECUTIVE COACH & ORGANISATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST Top Ranking Topics include: Executive Presence, Trusted Advisory, Leadership Branding, Cultural Intelligence .....
  2. Sapphire Yong
    CONSULTING COACH Biz lead for marketing strategy & comms Top Ranking Topics include: Marketing communications, Asia Team .....
  3. Aishah Jaffar
    CONSULTING COACH Biz lead for corporate finance, strategy & planning Top Ranking Topics include: Corporate finance, accounting, ....
  4. Loo Meng Gee
    CONSULTING COACH Biz lead for corporate secretarial, statutory accounts and mgt Top Ranking Topics include: Statutory compliance, corporate services ...
  5. ChuanDa Tan
    CONSULTING COACH Biz lead for creative branding and strategy Top ranking topics include: Corporate Branding & Identity
  6. Joerg Gelszus
    CONSULTING COACH Biz lead for procurement, supply chain ... Top Ranking Topics include: Vendor Assessment, Calibration & Management, Quality Assurance and cross-cultural integration. ...
  7. Janice Lim
    CONSULTING COACH Biz lead for customer services and virtual training Top ranking topics include: Service excellence
  8. Jamie Lee
    CONSULTING COACH Biz lead for Supply Chain and Purchasing Top ranking topics include: Supply Chain and Purchasing

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