Do not wait until you are almost out of finances to start planning for you and your loved ones.  The last thing any job seeker needs is to be pushed to accept any job just to put food on the table.
Come learn a simple method to create your own financial plan with our easy-to-use template and start building your active and passive incomes today.

Facilitator Aishah Jaffar​​

Type  Onsite Course

Duration  0.5 days

Date  27 Oct 2017
          10 Nov 2017
          6 Dec 2017

Time 2PM - 6PM

Place Suntec Convention, Meetings and Offices

​Price S$ 250

Workshop Objectives

At the end of the workshop, you will :

  • Understand your financial mantra and habits
  • Know your spend patterns
  • Explore different investment options
  • Understand the different methods of financial planning
  • Be able to draw up a simple financial plan
  • Discover easy habits to develop to track and maintain your financial plan

Workshop Outline

Part 1

  • Why is money important to you?
  • What is a financial plan?
  • Why do you need one?
  • Difference between a growth and fear mind-sets
  • Roles people play at interviews
  • Handling difficult questions
Part 2

  • Be able to answer the key questions below
    • What are my goals
    • How much money do I need and when?
    • How much risk can I take?
    • Where should I invest?
    • What's my current net work?

Part 3
  • 6 Key elements of financial planning
  • What does effective financial planning look like
  • 2 methods for financial planning
Part 4
  • Components of a financial plan
  • Working with a simple financial plan template
  • How to keep track and perform this as a simple habit
This workshop is highly relevant to:
  • Anyone who is just starting out in their career
  • Newly weds or soon to wed planning for a life together
  • Young couples starting a family
  • Anyone with dependents to care for
  • Mid-Career individuals planning for retirement
  • (basically anyone who wants to start planning their finances)


About the Facilitator​​

  • Aishah is a consulting coach with Art of Career.

  • She is an experienced finance professional who is results-oriented with proven track record of successfully implementing improvements which have positively impacted the bottom line.

  • Consistently, over more than 20 years, had set up and operated both regional and global finance, finance shared services and controllership organisations and effectively led teams through periods of significant organisational re-structures, transitions, process and system changes.

  • A people-oriented team leader and player, who is committed to creating an open, trusting environment to achieve change through effective employee empowerment and engagement.