Despite a dismal outlook of the local economy this year, there are still opportunities to be discovered and social media is your key to such hidden treasures.
Salaried employees who have lost their jobs must now learn to hunt for their next role. The hunting ground today extends to the digital space and one must know the tools of the trade to be able to hunt efficiently and effectively. One such tool is LinkedIn.


Facilitator Michael Ang

Type  Onsite Course

Duration  0.5 day

Date 26 Oct 2017
         9 Nov 2017
         5 Dec 2017

Time 2pM - 6PM

Place Suntec Convention, Meetings and Offices

​Price S$ 250


Workshop Objectives

At th end of the workshop, you will:
  • Learn how to improve your linkedin profile
  • Use strategies to expand your profile online.
  • Become an active participant in the digital discussions.
  • Make connections to people who might become your allies and mentor
  • Utilize the job search function effectively
  • Staying in connection after you start your new career
  • Hidden secrets of LinkedIn.

Workshop outline

  • Selling yourself in the digitial world
  • Common mistakes people make in LinkedIn
  • Making smart connections
  • Attracting the attention of hiring managers, recruiters and headhunters
  • Professional networking and why it is important
  • Maximising the use of LinkedIn Groups for your profile
  • Seek and recipocate professional recommendations
  • LinkedIn job board for job search
  • Job analytics tools to compare yourselves to other applicants
  • Understanding the statistics of who sees your profiles and your postings

This workshop is highly relevant to:

  • Students seeking for internship assignments

  • Graduating cohort preparing for career entry

  • Working professionals needing career guidance at different stages of their journey

  • Working professionals exploring different career options after receiving notice about their impending exit from the company

  • Professionals who have already left their job and need coaching to maximise their search efforts
  • Managers or team leaders who are keen to provide personal guidance to direct reports who may be affected in the next rounds of job cuts.

About the Facilitator​​

  • Michael is a Consulting Coach with Art of Career

  • He is a management consultant that advices clients on digital platform and ecommerce advancement.

  • He is an experienced supply chain management professional especially in the space of ecommerce.

  • With over 20 years in experience having to set up operations from training to building warehousing facility. 

  • He has helped many small and medium enterprises go online and established customer experience processes for banks.