Look around us.

Do most people focus on Success to get Happiness or vice-versa?

Everybody knows that every day, we are constantly bombarded with bad news - from the smallest of matters to the high stakes.  It makes one wonder how can anyone begin to be happy or stay that way?

In fact, why are people happy even though they are not wealthy?

Are happy people a special breed who are born that way? Is being happy a sign of weakness or strength? Should leaders be happy?

Truth is, everyone can learn the science and art of being happy despite challenges and the formula for success begins with knowing the science behind it!

Come learn the tools, understand the psychology of how our mind works and start instilling happiness in your school, social or work life! 

Only when you are happy do your become successful.

So, come join the movement and start being happy today!

Facilitator Eileen Seah​​

Type  Onsite Course

Duration  1 day

Date ​ 7 Nov 2017

Time 9AM - 5PM

Place Suntec Convention, Meetings and Offices

​Price S$450 


About the Facilitator​​

  • Eileen is an Executive Coach, Organisational Psychologist, Certified Assessor and facilitator with a unique mix of business and human resource skills gained from working at both public and private organisations. 

  • She has received endorsements and awards for leading innovative efforts across the enterprise with a track record of growing referral business through word-of-mouth.  Recognised as an advocate of positive psychology

  • Her top ranking coaching topics include executive presence, leadership transition, new manager on-boarding, coaching for performance, career navigation, creating followership, cross team mentoring & collaboration. 

  • She is also an adjunct lecturer with the Kingston University of London on topics ranging from organisational learning, development to Coaching and Mentoring and is recognised as an Advanced Trainer and Assessor with the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification organisation.

  • On this topic, she has successfully trained several hiring managers, HR professionals and recruiters with local, regional and global remits


Workshop Objectives

At the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Value the life-time benefits of being happy
  • Understand the different methods of defining happiness
  • Ascertain personal definition of happiness
  • Recognise the drivers of unhappiness and how to mitigate
  • Review case studies on happy individuals, teams, companies and countries
  • Design individual recipe for happiness at home and at the workplace
  • Understand the degree of dependency on oneself versus others for happiness
  • Discover happy habits to develop
  • Learn the tactics to deal with adversity
Workshop Outline
Part 1
  • Why bother being happy?
  • How serious and important is it?
  • What are the actions taken by schools, government and companies?
  • How does the world measure happiness?
  • Which country is happier than others?
  • Case Study : A Happy country
Part 2
  • Who is really happy?
  • How is happiness defined?
  • What are the formal definitions of Happiness?
  • How is happiness defined in ancient times?
Part 3
  • Identifying sources of unhappiness
  • DONUT model for  dealing with unhappiness
  • Linking DONUT model to happy sources
  • Toxicity of your current environment
  • Assessing dependency levels
Part 4
  • How does one perceive things?
  • 5 happy behaviors
  • Value of happy memories & quotes
  • Planning for happy events

This workshop is highly relevant to:
  • Graduating cohort preparing for career entry
  • All working professionals who are unhappy or faced with adversity at work
  • Professionals who are newly hired and are keen to be successful at the workplace
  • Team leaders who collaborates across different teams and need to drive a motivated team
  • Professionals working in a diverse environment

Customers Feedback

"Nice sharing of materials and resources beyond the workshop!"

" I find the training pace is very good!"

"Useful insights and guides, thanks. Now to put them into action!"

"Engaging & Friendly :)"