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  1. Manager As A Coach
    Manager As A Coach
    Unbeknown to many is that most successful people gets there not without help. This help which is best kept behind closed doors, come in the form of private conversations. For example, ‘Steve Jobs had Bill Campbell as a business coach, Jodie Foster leaned on Robert De Niro and Andy Murray has Ivan Lendl’ as quoted by John Warrillow (click here to read his Nov 2013 article). In reality, as the path to success is never an easy one, the topics being discussed will have wide ranging scope from self-awareness to on-boarding, performance management, motivation, career development and executive presence and many more. Key questions you may be curious are… Is coaching synonymous with mentoring, tutoring and teaching? Are there differences in specific skill sets to be an effective coach? Does a people manager need to be a know-it-all before one can coach? How does one build trust with a stranger or By understanding the methodology of coaching and psychology of the coachee, people managers can now help the organisations to accelerate its growth by helping others to be successful through coaching.