When it comes to achieving results, does your team achieve without any close supervision? What about those who are not your direct reports – does it become tougher to drive the virtual team to perform?

If so, come learn how to drive results through results by understanding the psychology of human behaviours and the art of managing the performance conversation.        

Facilitator Eileen Seah​​

Type  Onsite Course

Duration  2 days

Date 9 - 10 Oct 2017

Time 9AM - 5PM

Place Suntec Convention, Meetings and Offices

​Price S$ 750

Workshop Objectives

At the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Broad overview of newer hybrid models as well as traditional ones for performance management.
  • A step-by-step approach to managing performance
  • Techniques for setting and aligning meaningful goals
  • Templates to support the appraisal process
  • The different feedback mechanisms and facilitating the feedback session
  • Preventive measures to overcome varying types of biases in evaluation and final assessment
  • Essential wordings to include in the final appraisal reports
  • An awareness of different coaching styles and when to use
  • Tactics for leading the difficult conversations
  • Motivational techniques to inspire actions
  • Development planning tools
  • Assessing the need for ratings and calibration
  • Mitigation actions for special cases eg. Functional reports, indirect reports, high potentials, future successes and low performers.
Workshop Outline
Part 1
  • Introduction to Performance Management
  • Motivational Theory,
  • Linking performance to Rewards & Recognition
Part 2
  • Understanding types of goals
  • Determining WIGs
  • Aligning individual goals to group performance at team, division and company levels
  • Applying SMART criteria
  • Launching the communication plan
Part 3
  • Identifying key performance indicators of a top, average and low performer
  • Listing sources of key performance data, frequency and usability
  • Linking to Corporate Values
  • Describing results and applying tiers
Part 4
  • Understanding the outliers, bell curve and top performers
  • Review of absolute ratings, scales and behavioural measurements
  • Linking results to rewards and recognition
Part 5
  • Origins of performance coaching
  • Other types of coaching styles and when to use
  • Attributes of an effective performance Coach
  • Essential Listening & Questioning skills
  • Ethical coaching guidelines
  • Case examples and role plays
Part 6
  • Understanding the role of the Appraiser, the Appraised and HR
  • Hybrid versus Traditional Models of performance management
  • Communicating the results
  • Minding the cognitive bias
  • Mitigate biases in decision making
  • Case examples and role plays
Part 7
  • Characteristics of successful people developers
  • Identifying sources of opportunities for development
  • Deploying the Time-based approach
  • Adopting the Skill-based 3E approach
  • Applying the Learning Pyramid approach
  • Case examples and role plays
Part 8
  • Functional reports
  • indirect reports,
  • Difficult employees
  • Vendors & Partners
  • Case examples and role plays
This workshop is highly relevant to:
  • People Managers with direct reports
  • Professionals who are considering a mid-career change into the HR profession
  • HR practitioners new to the trade
  • HR practitioners who are considering specialising in the talent acquisition fields

About the Facilitator​​

  • Eileen is an Executive Coach, Organisational Psychologist, Certified Assessor and facilitator with a unique mix of business and human resource skills gained from working at both public and private organisations. 

  • She has received endorsements and awards for leading innovative efforts across the enterprise with a track record of growing referral business through word-of-mouth.  Recognised as an advocate of positive psychology

  • Her top ranking coaching topics include executive presence, leadership transition, new manager on-boarding, coaching for performance, career navigation, creating followership, cross team mentoring & collaboration. 

  • She is also an adjunct lecturer with the Kingston University of London on topics ranging from organisational learning, development to Coaching and Mentoring and is recognised as an Advanced Trainer and Assessor with the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification organisation.

  • On this topic, she has successfully trained several hiring managers, HR professionals and recruiters with local, regional and global remits


Customers Feedback

"Nice sharing of materials and resources beyond the workshop!"

" I find the training pace is very good!"

"Useful insights and guides, thanks. Now to put them into action!"

"Engaging & Friendly :)"