Humans are all social beings. 
Even as infants, we want to communicate the minute we are born into this world.  Some are blessed with the clarity of thought at the onset of articulation or better yet before they speak, while others struggle at the messaging stage.
Are people born to speak or can this be learned?
The answer?
It’s both.
At this workshop, you will discover the real persona that you portray as you speak and work towards a speaking or presentation style that brings out the best in you. 
By appreciating the psychology of audience behaviors and adopting a structured framework when planning, managing and articulating both your emotions and thoughts, it can become second nature when tasked to speak ‘off-the-calf’, impromptu or on-your-feet when you least expected!

Facilitator Eileen Seah​​

Type  Onsite Course

Duration  2 days

Date  3 - 4 Aug 2017

Time 9AM - 5PM

Place Suntec Convention, Meetings and Offices

​Price S$ 880


About the Facilitator​​

  • Eileen is an Executive Coach, Organisational Psychologist, Certified Assessor and facilitator with a unique mix of business and human resource skills gained from working at both public and private organisations. 

  • She has received endorsements and awards for leading innovative efforts across the enterprise with a track record of growing referral business through word-of-mouth.  Recognised as an advocate of positive psychology

  • Her top ranking coaching topics include executive presence, leadership transition, new manager on-boarding, coaching for performance, career navigation, creating followership, cross team mentoring & collaboration. 

  • She is also an adjunct lecturer with the Kingston University of London on topics ranging from organisational learning, development to Coaching and Mentoring and is recognised as an Advanced Trainer and Assessor with the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification organisation.

  • On this topic, she has successfully trained several hiring managers, HR professionals and recruiters with local, regional and global remits

Workshop Objectives

At the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Distinguish the differences between being ‘speaking’ versus ‘engaging’ as well as ‘presentation’ versus ‘facilitation’
  • Understand the psychological states of audience responses
  • See the value of precision talk
  • Review life examples of celebrated individuals
  • Appreciate the reasons behind common mistakes
  • Identify, assess and determine sources of stage frights, anxiety &
  • Proactively plan to fail by taking calculated risks
  • Spot and assess other speakers including areas of improvement
Workshop Outline

Part 1

  • Definition of speaking, presenting, facilitating and engaging
  • Psychology of the speaker
  • Understand the types of delivery
  • Value and impact of different levels of engagement
  • Identifying your style
  • Case study of negative examples
  • Practise Round 1 – Speaking (with live recording)

Part 2

  • Debrief video footages with learning points
  • Psychology of the audience
  • Methodology for messaging, tools and delivery
  • Case study of positive examples

Part 3

  • Practise Round 2 – Presentation (with live recording)
  • Debrief video footages with learning points
  • Dealing with disruptive behaviours and unexpected events
  • Projecting a positive personal brand
  • Case study of best practises

Part 4
  • Easy pointers to note for speaking to a virtual audience
  • Essential skills for presenting in a virtual platform
  • Case examples of successful mega speakers
  • Quick reminders : Dos & Don’ts
This workshop is highly relevant to:

  • Graduating cohort preparing for career entry
  • All working professionals who are faced with fear of speaking or presentation
  • Professionals who are newly hired and are keen to portray a positive brand
  • Team leaders who collaborates across different teams and need to engage
  • Professionals working in a diverse environment    


Customers Feedback
Ms Eileen’s class is very lively.  A great communicator and dare to share about failures.  Personal sharing is very powerful to meet the class objectives”,
“Very good and effective trainer.  She was able to bring good examples that we could relate,”