Career Transition

Your choice matters.

In the 40 years of employment, 
each professional is likely to face up to
an average 5 cycles of transition, before entering the full retirement phase. 

Which phase & cycle are you at today?

 What are my
true strengths?

 What do I
enjoy doing?

 How should I prepare myself?
  1. All About Me
    The conversations begins with you. Reflect on the past as they provide clues for the future. Understand your work preferences and the environment in which you thrive.
  2. Let Resumes talk
    You are the author of your own biographical book full of resume pages. Write it well and readers will turn pages. Write it bad and it stays on the shelf.
  3. My Ideal Roles
    Imagination is free, put your minds to work! Construct the roles that suit you in today's economic climate.
  4. Show Me The Money
    Find out how to benchmark yourself against the market.
  5. It's Who You Know
    Having friends in high places is only good if you know how to connect with them and maintain contact. Learn how you can uncover hidden opportunities through social media.
  6. My Brand
    At the end of the day, your brand sells. Build and defend it to create mindshare and pocket share for the long haul.